Chapter 2 conceptual framework for financial reporting

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Financial Accounting Standards Board

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Understanding and using SAP BEx reporting tools

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Chapter 2 – Conceptual Framework underlying financial reporting.docx

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Prepare to pass A guide to help you if you are studying Corporate P2 Reporting. measuring student knowledge and skills a new framework for assessment organisation for economic co-operation and development. Chapter 2 – Conceptual Framework underlying financial reporting Learning Objectives: Describe the usefulness of a conceptual framework A conceptual framework is needed to (1) create standards that build on an established body of concepts and objectives, (2) provide a framework for solving new and emerging.

The BEx Browser is a graphical desktop-like tool used to launch queries and workbooks and categorize them into roles, favorites, and folders. The BEx Browser also incorporates standard shortcut functionality, which enables you to access documents, Windows applications, Internet URLs, and SAP R/3 transactions from a single interface.

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Chapter 2 conceptual framework for financial reporting
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